Discrete, Ouse, Dylan Fuentes – Drown In Me ft. Kiesza

Listen to “Drown In Me” with Discrete, Dylan Fuentes, Kiesza and Ouse:

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Production Company: Consulat

Producer: Erika-Elyzabeth Korzer
Director: Adrian Villagomez
Director of Photography: Alexandre Nour
Creative Director & Stylist: Erika-Elyzabeth Korzer
Production Manager: Elyse Belmont-Stroh
Field Production Manager & 1st AD: Laurence Wells
Gaffer: Philippe St-Laurent & Xavier Boisvert
Key Grip: Simon Therrien
Steadicam Operator: Benoît Gauthier
Underwater Camera Operator: Kes Tagney
Best Boy Grip: Steven Trudel
Best Boy Gaffer: Jonathan Pouliot
Grip: Curtis Halladay
HMU: Mary Jane Khalife & Alexandra Plourde Gauthier
1st AC: Arturo Fransolet, Samuel Chenier, Zion Saffer & Juan Rueda
Set P.A.: Daniel Delaney
Production Coordinator: Samuel Petitclerc
Assistant Art Director: Jean-Christophe Hamel
Covid Compliance Officer: Ashley Achille
Helpers: Sam Thifault, Timour Vandermeulen, Alec Lemonde & Théo Parent
Lifeguard: Anna-Laura Bourdage
Editor: Adrian Villagomez
Assistant Editor: Jacob Marcoux & Alexis Viau
VFX: Philippe Toupin
Color Grading: Simon Boisx

Amélie PM, Ivy Guerrier-Cadet, Luis Gerardo, Aimé Mucyo & Jesse Babin Owusu

Miranda Chan, Giulia Tripoli, Raphaël Gagnon & Danny De Matos

Video Commissioner: Loies Kim
Creative Director: Joe Mortimer
Marketing: Nick Sung
Digital Marketing: Nicole Lee

Director of Photography: Alvin Lindblom
Styling: Elvira Sällberg
Management: Waldemar Nordström

Producer: Aidan Crowley
Director of Photography: West Webb
Management: Aidan Crowley (Legacy Content)

Director: JASZ
Producer: Jaime E. Forero
Director of Photography: Luis Celedón
Product Design: Lina Suárez
Makeup: Laura Cadena
Management: Jorge Ovalle, Ivanni Rodriguez

Director of Photography: Sam Leabo
Stylist: Cristina Acevedo
HMU: Miya Tamlyn
Assistant Stylist: Ari Tavelman
Management: Ljuba Castot

Cinepool, Grandé Caméra, Vallery Rousseau (Le Beam), La Société St-Jean Baptiste, Rhubarbe, Stéphane (École secondaire Armand-Corbeil), Derek Branscombe, Solotech, Show SDT, Francis (Ceeative Lab), Sebastien Boyer, Christine Hallak, Gascon & Krukowski, Antoine Ryan, Légaré, Izabel Provost, Daphna, Daniel Quiroz, Ivan & Co, Genesis, Cat & Western Studio

Music video by Discrete, Ouse, Dylan Fuentes performing Drown In Me. Astralwerks; © 2021 Discrete, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.


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  1. Probably unpopular opinion, this type of music doesn’t suit Ouse and he shouldn’t do anything like this again ?. I love him and he’s such a great singer but this does not suit him at all. He should just stick with Powfu and Elijah

  2. It’s amazing how Ouse started off with literally just his imagination and his love for music. Seeing this now after all these years of listening to him really makes me smile, we watched him grow and we grew as a fan base. He went through hell, and we were there to support him through it. And don’t think I’m gonna forget about everyone who made this amazing video possible. Shout out to Discrete, Dylan Fuentas, and Kiesza. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve never really heard your name out there but after watching this one music video, I surely will ❤️. Much love from New York, and keep going! It sure as hell working!

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